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The 10,760-square-foot Bohemian-style living space contains more than 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

A hunter's cabin, a painter's studio where Depp worked, a children's playroom and a gym are among other living spaces.

The injury shut down production on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales for four weeks as Depp traveled back to the states to have what was described as an on-set injury treated by doctors.

She is also requesting a joint statement be released in which Depp admits to committing domestic abuse on May 21, something he reportedly refuses to do because he claims he did not touch Heard that evening despite what she states in court papers.

According to , Depp's behaviour saw a production staffer deployed outside the actor's trailer in an unmarked car to report back the exact moment he had resurfaced to directors Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg.

The king and his menstole the queen from her bedand bound her in her Bones. Some men have diedand some are aliveand others sail on the sea– with the keys to the cage..the Devil to paywe lay to Fiddler's Green!

Amber Heard has included a horrifying photo of Johnny Depp's finger after he allegedly cut off the tip during a fit of rage in court papers filed in her domestic abuse case against the actor.

TMZ reports that the incident occurred last March while Depp was in Australia and 'drunk and high on ecstasy.'He had been speaking with Heard on the phone while she was filming The Danish Girl in London when they began to fight and he threw the phone at some glass, causing the injury.

The photos of the injured finger and writing in the blood and paint mixture have been entered as exhibits in the case.

Heading home: The actor was forced to return to the United States after the injury (above in April after he returned to Australia with Heard), which delayed production on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales four weeks Heard is also claiming in court papers that Depp did not have the finger treated until almost 24 hours after he sliced off the top of the digit, and that doctors had to use a flap of skin from his hand to fashion a new tip.

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  1. Efron calls it "the most terrifying moment in my life." The timing of the occurrence hardly was ideal, just weeks before the May 9 release of Efron's new comedy, , in which he stars with Seth Rogen.